Don’t Forget the Post Card

So before the days of email and instantaneous conversations how did people communicate with others when they were on vacation?  Well you can go to pretty much any gift shop at an major resort, attraction, and even a local zoo and find the answer.  Tucked away in a back corner (or on rare occasions directly up front) will be a spinning rack filled to the brim with 5×8 cards.  Each one of those cards will have a picture adorned on the front displaying some unique or exciting aspect of the place you’re visiting.  On the back will be the vertical line splitting it in half.  One side for the message and the other for the address and postage.  It’s a post card.  While not at all practical I think it would be uniquely fun and interesting to have people advertise my blog by using post cards.

How could it be done?  A simple way of doing it would be to send a post card for no reason at all to a friend.  It’d be a marketing gimmick.  Imagine your friend opening a piece of mail, wondering why you didn’t just text them.  They see it’s a post card and get excited. Until they flip it over and find out  it’s just an advertisement for some random travel blog.


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