I chose to use the Peanutize Me website for this assignment.  I have to say I’m not really sure I understand the purpose of this assignment.  I think if the idea is to teach us about the power of fan art or fan concepts this is a bad choice.

It’s an interesting concept, but because it’s being proctored and run by a marketing department for the Peanuts movie I think it loses some of it’s credibility as ‘fan art’.  A better way to show this would have been have us create from scratch using paint or a similar program a Peanuts concept of ourselves.

For those who maybe weren’t familiar with the Peanuts a link, like this, could have been provided to take them to the Deviant Art website which is dedicated entirely to fan art.

Anyway, the process for using the Peanutize Me website is very easy.  There is nothing complicated about creating the character.  It’s a matter of following ten simple steps (roughly) and then choosing a background.  It’s essentially a plug-n-play platform where you just have to click and choose your settings.

So after doing that I produced this: