Header Creation

I wanted the header photo to relate to my blog in some aspect.  I have a basic background in Photoshop and simple editing, so this wasn’t too difficult of an assignment.  I recently took a trip to NYC to visit with a friend from the south who was on her first trip to the city.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to capture an image of the skyline which became the base for my header.  Next I searched online using google to find a believable night time skyline that I could place behind my buildings.  This was the easiest part.  The hardest part of this was trying to make water accurately reflect the colors of the sky.  I took the picture during the day so it was much brighter and showed the reflection of the day time sky.  I had to use a contrast layer and a color balancing layer to come somewhat close to the same color of the sky being shown in the water, and I still am not particularly happy with it.  However I’m okay with the finished product being used for this class.  I use my photo-editing skills currently to create composite photos and recruitment graphics for my fraternity.

So how does a NYC skyline really relate to the concept of my blog?  To put it simply; I and I’m sure many others view NYC as the hub of the modern world.  There are so many people from all over the world located in one city.  It’s a cultural melting pot and consistently draws people to it for travel.  Being lucky enough to live within easy commuting distance to such a place makes it easy to take it for granted.  So the header is more of a reminder that not all travel has to be international for it to be spectacular.  There are plenty of places here in the US that are just as pleasing to visit and experience.