Why a dog meme?  Simple.  Who can really scroll by an image of a dog doing some derp-y behavior without at least stopping to read the words printed onto it?  It’s a sure fired way to slow down a potential reader and gather there attention for at least a few seconds.  If we were to compare this meme to a part of a song it would be the fire hook that draws you in and makes you want to listen to the next two to three minutes of auto-tuned chorus repeats.

Also the words associated with it convey the feelings, I think, of a lot of people about those who travel.  It’s a prominent thing to travel now, and maybe it always has been.  But the ease of sharing thanks to social media (check my last post out for a better explanation) allows us to become over saturated with cherry picked moments from people’s lives so that they look like they are always on the move or experiencing new things.  For some this is great, they want to see what they’re missing or haven’t had the opportunity to see yet.  For others they act like this poor doggo and are just fed up with hearing about our plane-hopping, country jumping selves.

Either way I think we can all agree the dog is cute.

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Introduction Audio

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This was an interesting assignment.  It took me a while to decide on what songs I wanted to use for it.  I needed songs that I felt captured the true theme of my blog.  The songs are from various cultures and in a variety of languages to really emphasize how different people can be. However I also worked hard to overlay and crossfade them in ways that show a blending of the cultures perfectly into one another.  Through traveling you learn to take individual pieces of each culture and blend it into your personality.  America, more specifically, New York City is often referred to as a great melting pot.  Well someone who travels the world and embraces the cultures, I believe, becomes a melting pot in their own right.  With each new place they visit an ingredient is added and stirred until it blends and becomes a true part of the concoction.

After deciding on the songs and blending them to a point where I was happy I had to decide what type of audio I wanted.  I’m a relatively simple person if I’m being completely honest.  I’ve learned to enjoy the small pleasures in life by being exposed to people who have quite literally nothing, and yet they still find happiness each and every day.  For that reason I chose to use only three short voice-overs in my audio commercial.  I do not have a Mac so I didn’t use GarageBand.  Instead I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create the video.

For those unfamiliar with the Adobe suite; premeire is the equivalent of garageband.  However if you haven’t ever used a previous version or any version of it the controls are complicated.  Things are not labeled the best.  For example there are at least three different ways to adjust the volume on each individual media clip you insert, so if you know the short way it’s not much of a process.  However there are longer ways that can be annoying because you’ll have to click back and forth between frames.  Overall It wasn’t bad for me because I’m familiar with the software.

Creating a blog

So setting up a blog is not in my normal skill-set.  I’ve never had a blog before and so, it took me a while to figure out how to properly navigate the site and use all the customization options effectively.  It was a little frustrating, but it’s a good way to expand my knowledge and capabilities.  This blog is going to be my canvas over the next few weeks to share the experiences I was able to have while traveling through 9 different countries.  Some I stayed in strictly for pleasure while others were a mixed experience of work and play.  Many people look at travelling as a way to have fun or new experiences.  Of course it is that, but more importantly when it is done right travelling can be a humbling experience where you learn about yourself and other people.  You’ll be able to share in some cultural experiences you never would have done in your own country.  Those are the moments and experiences I’ll be highlighting in my writings.

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