Travel Here, Travel There, Travel Everywhere

Travel is a very hot topic among our generation.  Everyone I know wants to travel at least a little bit.  Not everyone wants to do international, but they at least want to see different parts of the US.  It’s honestly gotten to the point where I’m more surprised by people who haven’t or don’t want to travel when I meet them.  I’m not saying it’s good or bad one way or the other; everyone has their own preferences and likes.  But because of the popularity of it there is an abundance of travel themed blogs and social media pages.

In some ways mine is very similar and in others it is different.  The obvious difference is that in the majority of blogs I saw about travel (shout out to those of you who started following me)  they are still travelling and their experiences are raw and happening as they blog about it.  This is great because you get to experience it with them and it’s almost like you’re in the moment as well (even if you’re reading it from your bedroom).

Mine is from a viewpoint of a few years removed from having been to most of these places.  So I’ve had time to really reflect on the experiences I had in each of them and I can talk more about the things I learned by travelling as opposed to just the fun I had while doing it.  It’s nice because it gives viewers/readers an option and different perspectives of places.