Screencast – Falling For Italy

To view my screencast use the following link: Screencast

I already have past experiencing making screencast videos, so I have a software I’m comfortable using.  It’s called IceCream and I’ve used it for a variety of different projects in the past.  It supports not only screen capture, but video as well so I am able to capture myself speaking about what is being displayed on the screen.  It also gives me the ability to turn off or on a visible mouse cursor as I move around the screen.  I chose to use this over Jing for the obvious familiarity reasons.

So the software was already there.  Next I had to choose a blog to feature.  I chose to go with something that was similar to the theme of mine.  Kaylee is doing a blog about her experiences in Italy.  As I describe in the screencast I’m planning a Euro tour next summer, so any tips I can get about things to do or avoid in countries is wonderful.  This will allow me to maximize my time in each place and get the best experience possible.

Overall the screencast was a very simple assignment in my honest opinion.  It might actually have been the easiest so far except for the obvious first post about creating the blog.  It took me a few tries to get a take I was happy with though.  I also had to switch to an external microphone because the one on my computer was picking up too much background noise; whereas my external one has a filter to negate the majority of non-voice sound.  I decided to upload the video to YouTube since I didn’t have access to the Jing Servers.  I also left the video public because I didn’t want to risk it not being visible.