Creating a blog

So setting up a blog is not in my normal skill-set.  I’ve never had a blog before and so, it took me a while to figure out how to properly navigate the site and use all the customization options effectively.  It was a little frustrating, but it’s a good way to expand my knowledge and capabilities.  This blog is going to be my canvas over the next few weeks to share the experiences I was able to have while traveling through 9 different countries.  Some I stayed in strictly for pleasure while others were a mixed experience of work and play.  Many people look at travelling as a way to have fun or new experiences.  Of course it is that, but more importantly when it is done right travelling can be a humbling experience where you learn about yourself and other people.  You’ll be able to share in some cultural experiences you never would have done in your own country.  Those are the moments and experiences I’ll be highlighting in my writings.

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  1. Kelly · July 17

    Hey! I think it is so amazing that you’ve been to 9 countries!! I lived in Ireland for a year and I might be going back for a couple months in January, so I totally get the work/play aspect of traveling. I think your blog is very clean and simple, but it definitely works and it’ll make it easier to post lots of pictures with your posts!! Can’t wait to read about your experiences!


  2. mobadeproductions · July 18

    This blog looks really great. Even though it is a free site, it looks like you paid for it. I also had a lot of difficulties setting up my website but I am happy that you pulled through and were able to do it. I can’t wait to see the progression.


  3. mns100 · July 18

    Hi Jake! Your blog looks great so far! I completely agree with Kelly that it would be a great idea to post a lot of pictures. Being that you’ve been to nine countries this blog will be a great place for you to share your traveling experiences. Great job so far!


  4. storiesreviewed · July 19

    First thing I noticed was how compact your layering is; the goal is “nice and tidy, with no wasted space” and that’s exactly what this it. I also like the idea behind this blog. Traveling is usually something that’s very novel so it’d be great to hear about your experiences. I don’t really have a criticism or did not notice anything negative so great job all around!


  5. Kaylee Pofahl · July 19

    I agree with Kelly in that it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve been able to travel to nine different countries! Traveling is an invaluable experience and I’m eager to read about what you learned throughout yours. As a novice to blogging, your site looks great! It’s a very clear theme for your foundation and I love your choice of header, or “front door.” I agree with Kelly in that the more photos you post, the better! I particularly noticed it on the About page. A photo would really add to that page to catch the eye.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts!


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